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Spaxton Parish Council



The Annual Audit has now take place and details can be found on the 'Other Reports' page of this website.




The four yearly Parish Council elections took place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

The result of the uncontested election for the Spaxton, Aisholt and Merridge Parish Ward was that Robert John Adcock was duly elected.

The result of the uncontested election for the Spaxton, Charlinch Ward, was that David Jeanes was duly elected.


Within the Spaxton, Spaxton Ward, 9 nominations were received for 7 places, and the results of the election were as follows:


Cable, Alan Geoffrey 138 duly elected

Duggan, Shelly – 119 duly elected

Harmon, Carol Ann – 131 duly elected

Hodson, Michael George Roland - 114

Knight, Christopher Ruthuen Jeffries -90

Schwieso, Joshua John – 174 duly elected

Stretton, Simon John – 131 duly elected

Williams, Peter - 115 duly elected

Wilson, Diana Elizabeth- 146 duly elected

















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